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Eclectic Energy Therapy - Intuitive Coffee Readings

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Intuitive Coffee Readings

Eclectic Energy Therapy - Intuitive Coffee Readings
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Intuitive Coffee Readings

Coffee Cup Readings date all the way back to the 16th Century. This fine art is generally passed down through generations.

It’s a rich blend of ground coffee beans and then brought to the boil over the stove. It has a thick consistency and a little rich which allows the granulated coffee to stick to the cup as you drink from it.

Now, I highly recommend you to sit down and enjoy the coffee before you get started, this allows you to relax and gather your thoughts.

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While you sip from your cup, you put through your intention. The cup is absorbing all the information through your intention, your inner thoughts and emotional patterns based on your life.

It is a very personal experience which defines your past, present and future.

Eclectic Energy Therapy also provide a more traditional intense coffee reading. If you wish to indulge into this art of coffee reading you can make a booking with the intuitive coffee reader.

For more information about Eclectic Energy Therapy’s Intuitive Coffee Readings – please phone us on 0411 036 371.