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Eclectic Energy Therapy - Crystal Therapy

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Crystal Therapy

Eclectic Energy Therapy - Crystal Therapy
Eclectic Energy Therapy - Crystal Therapy Hands

Welcome to the increasingly popular art of crystal therapy.

Crystals are subtle and believed to enhance various qualities of calming and healing abilities.

Some examples of what crystal therapy is used for:

blockages, stress, anxiety, mental clarity, protection, self-confidence or for activating your chakras for personal growth and it’s even used to spark your creativity.

Crystals are an information system that radiates energy and it runs on vibrations.

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At the most basic level everything is energy, how it manifests is simply a matter of vibration frequency and the crystalline structure (organic or inorganic) that enfolds it.

Their energy remains stable and can restore equilibrium to the disrupted energy within us.

Emotion and thoughts have their own vibration.

Crystal Therapy involves placing crystals on or around our body to help draw out negative energy, gives clarity, focus as well as directing positive energy.

Crystals are strongly connected to us, we have our own energy and intuition, when coming together it works harmoniously.

The more you are open to crystals the quicker you feel their positive loving and nurturing energy.

There are endless uses for crystal therapy, give us a call if you are interested in experiencing the healing properties of crystals.

(This is for those people who wish to take an alternative well-being approach.)

For more information about Eclectic Energy Therapy’s Crystal Therapy – please phone us on 0411 036 371.