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Eclectic Energy Therapy

Reiki, Crystal Body and Energetic Alignment, Past Life Regression / Cord Cutting, Coffee Reading, Traditional Coffee Reading

Life Path Guidance

Life Path Healing is a very powerful process that helps guide a person to the realisation of their life’s purpose.  We all have different gifts to share, lessons to learn and connections to make.  We are also part of the larger picture - part of other people’s life...

Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a bit like energetic housekeeping!  While we might clean up a physical space regularly, it is important to make sure your surroundings aren’t cluttered with stagnant or negative energy. We might not see the dust, dirt and clutter that can get “stuck”...

Energy Healing

Energy Healing covers a broad scope of modalities that involve the transmission of healing energy from the hands of a practitioner to the energy fields of the recipient.Denn hierbei handelt es sich um einen sogenannten PDE-5 Hemmer,...

A bit about Reiki

The wonderful and gentle Art of Reiki has been around for centuries.

In today’s fast paced and high stress world, Reiki can help bring awareness, stress relief, peace, calm and balance into your life.

Reiki is the Universal Energy, the Life Force that connects our higher self with everything around us.  All living things are made up of energy.

Science has confirmed the presence of this energy using tools, such as Kirlian Photography, to capture visual proof.

Reiki is not a religion, but rather a tool for physical healing, as well as mental and spiritual growth.

It helps to relax and bring clarity and energy.  It may relieve physical pain, accelerate natural healing and prevent the progress of disease.

Reiki also has the potential to detoxify the body, dissolve energy blockages and release emotional baggage.

As Reiki increases the vibrational frequency of the body, it helps change negative conditioning as well as behaviour.

Some people notice physical sensations, such as tingling or changes in temperature, seeing colours, feeling light or heavy within the body or even feeling sleepy or relaxed.  Others may not feel any sensations at all, which is completely normal.

Reiki energy can be very powerful and does not need to make its presence known while healing and supporting the receiver on all levels.

If you have never had the benefit of receiving a Reiki session, you are encouraged to book an appointment to experience all that Reiki can offer you!

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki, clearing and balancing chakras.

We also provide Angelic Reiki for children 13 years and younger.


Crystal Therapy

Including crystal grid, chakra and aura cleansing, emotional blockages and guidance for individual customers.

Intuitive Coffee Readings

Coffee Cup Readings date all the way back to the 16th century.

This fine art generally passed down through generations. It’s a rich blend of ground coffee beans and then brought to the boil over the stove.

Past Life Regression

Guidance for individual customers for Past Life Regression / Cord Cutting.

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Eclectic Energy Therapy - Spiritual Energy Therapy


My very first Reiki session was on a horrible winters day.
My knee hurts from having twisted it Andreea answered the door of her home clinic she was warm and gentle .
I dozed off  but when I woke up I felt calm relaxed and my knee pain was no longer there.
Now I have fortnightly Reiki sessions with Andreea .
I highly recommend her to anybody who’s looking for an alternative treatment .
– Gladys


I have worked in crystal shops for over 26 years in Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne I’m a Reiki practitioner myself and have hade crystal treatments with other practitioners but I can honestly say Andreea that you are truly gifted and very unique .
You were able to shift and unblock so much for me that now I feel more at peace within myself and feel like I now know my lives purpose .
from one soul to another I humbly thank you from Renae .

– Renae


Andreea is fantastic I’ve had three coffee readings with her so far she is very accurate and I have recommended her to others she has such a beautiful aura about her . She is exceptionally gifted .
I look forward to my next reading with her.
– Judith


I’m still amazed by the accuracy and level of detail Andreea provided, she made me feel at ease and welcome in her home. I am so grateful that I found Andreea, I highly recommend her.

– Jason


My girlfriend arranged an appointment for me to see Andreea.
Well I was a sceptic but she made me feel very comfortable in her presence .
I was impressed she has an amazing insight .
It brang a lot of clues that I could reflect and act on. Thank you for the reading and the great cup of coffee .

I highly recommend Andreea

– Grant


I’d never been to a Reiki session before seeing Andreea, and it was a wonderful experience. She is genuine, kind and will make you feel comfortable and at ease. I had a very nice session with her and it was quite powerful and relaxing. Highly recommended for everyone, from first timers to people who’ve had sessions before. Would definitely go back!!

– Lolly


…”I was amazed with how quickly Andreea helped me to release old belief systems. On the very same day of my Reiki treatment the blocks to my happiness were removed and the goodness poured in.
While everyone’s experience might happen in a different sequence. I can assure you and  thoroughly recommend Andreea’s talent in facilitating and encouraging necessary change. Andreea is the true epitome of how a Reiki treatment can improve your life for the better.” – Bernadette


…”Such a comfortable, welcoming and very insightful experience. Andreea is truly gifted and was amazed at her accuracy and insight she gave during the coffee reading. Her humble and nurturing aura made it all the more warming. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a coffee reading and look forward to the next one!” – Sasha

Eclectic Energy Therapy - Crystal Therapy Noble Park
Eclectic Energy Therapy - Coffee Readings Lynbrook
Eclectic Energy Therapy - Crystal Therapy Lynbrook